Truly. Madly. Weirdly.

Haven’t we all seen love packaged in different permutations and combinations? The lovebirds, the nerds, the filmy couple, the crazy couple, the wacky ones, the list could just go on…


In all of this, however, there is one combination that can never go amiss. The Best friends! What’s more beautiful in life than having to share it all with your best mate? After-all, relationships are strongest when you are best friends first and a couple later.



Presenting to you our live wire couple Shashank and Krittika, who met through common friends, became good friends and later dwelled in love. Their story is our favourite real-life Romcom. You don’t believe us? Read on.

Character Intro:

The Wacky Groom – Shashank – Self-made Rich, Flamboyant, Casanova, Insanely crazy, Outright weird, Dedicated, Caring and that’s all.





The Gorgeous Bride – Krittika – Self-made worth, Electrifying, Homely, Insanely crazy, Outright sweet, Loving, Generous and so much more.


The Evil friends – Brutally honest, No mercy, Insanely crazy, Outright abusive to say the least.

Story –

Apparently, they say no love stories are simple. If they are then its not love, well if it is love then it ought to get complicated.

So our whacky groom at his striking best goes straight for the kill at the sight of our gorgeous bride when they both attended a common friend’s wedding in Mumbai. While our gorgeous bride turned down all of those proposals knowing his antics, even the evil friends didn’t spare and added more drama by further sharing his deep dark worst secrets. Well here, destiny had its own twist, our gorgeous bride moved to Dubai straight into the lap of her beautiful future. Whereas, our whacky groom thinking it’s the sign of the universe that conspired her moving to the same country as his, he was ready with his bagful of love tricks for her.



While their friendship grew to fondness in Dubai, their love kindled in between all the sandstorms that passed by. However, our hesitant bride still apprehensive whether she could settle with him. Our crazy Groom on the other side, affirmed the sign from the universe, jumped with the ring before she could even blink her eyes!


Isn’t it amazing, to be persistent about things you believe in? Especially love! It’s not about how many came but it is about who came and never left. Now marriage is sharing life with your best friend, enjoying the journey along the way and reaching every destination…Together!



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