Rohan & Ashwini – The Heart Wants What It Wants

Sometimes in life, you come across certain stories and you think…that can’t be real! THIS is one of those stories.

Rohan and Ashwini have known each other since they were kids (Class 8); they lived in the same colony, and went to the same classes. Ashwini first saw Rohan when he was playing table tennis in the building. She had a HUGE crush on him, but Rohan was indifferent. Eventually, she moved away from the colony but they still kept in touch. During engineering college when Rohan went through heartbreak Ashwini helped him sail through the breakup.


Ashwini never really gave up because after all the heart wants what it wants. Eventually, Rohan realized that what he was looking for was in front of him all along. He proposed to her in an elevator, and she couldn’t hold back her tears. All this while, Ashwini had never dated anyone else, and in Rohan’s own words the shoulder to cry on became his love story!


After 10 years of courting, they finally decided to tie the knot. These two amazing individuals and humans restore your faith in love and niceness! The world needs more such stories…after all, best friends make the best love stories. 🙂


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