Priyanka & Pavan – Pink in Love!

One question that we as wedding photographers are often asked is, ‘Aren’t you bored of covering all these mushy, cheesy love stories?’ The answer is NO.

Having been witness to plenty of love stories in the past 4 years, it is still amusing how certain people, and their love makes you actually believe in love all over again.


Meet Priyanka and Pavan, the stars of this post. P2, as they are affectionately called by everyone around them, are one of the most unconventional couples that we have shot. Priyanka is a huge fan of pink, and Pavan has no choice but to indulge her. As much as they love each other, and as much as the love shows, it is their friendship that glows on their faces. Their love and warmth is so infectious that one can’t help but get engulfed in it.

For 2 days of grand celebration of their union at Radisson Blu, Goa, all family members, friends and loved ones had gathered. Pool parties to sangeet, beach wedding to gala dinner – every moment was cherished and lived to the fullest. The fact that they were getting married amidst their loved ones was all that mattered.

Here’s a glimpse of their journey of togetherness.

More pictures from the wedding here –







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