And the season begins…

It’s that time of the year again when your timeline will be flooded by wedding pictures of cousins, friends, and all those random acquaintances! Whether you guys cringe or enjoy these pictures…the party has just started for us.


The past few months have been crazy with meetings, scheduling, bookings, and mostly pre-wedding shoots. While pre-wedding shoots are fun, they are in a slightly controlled environment. With few people around, and the couple all to yourself, the only challenges are the location, and lighting.

Yesterday, however we covered the first engagement ceremony of the season. As soon as we entered the banquet our faces lit up brighter than the lights in the room. The beautifully decorated stage, the line-up of chairs, the dressed up guests, foot-thumping music, and our favourite bit…FOOD! Did we miss this madness over the past couple of months? Of course YES!


We had covered a couple of weddings from this family before, so we knew most of the guests. This was almost like attending a family function. People came over spoke to us, told us how they loved the pictures from the previous weddings, and posed for pictures with us.

Our official guest-photographer Manasi Shah. She always makes sure we get our pics clicked!
Our official guest-photographer Manasi Shah. She always makes sure we get our pics clicked!

Once the couple entered, the chaos and the madness – things that we love the most about this job – began! The next two hours passed by in seconds. The running around, squeezing yourself between guests to get that perfect shot, cursing the kids who enter the frame when you are about to click that award-winning picture, gushing over some picture-perfect moment that you captured. Oh, what a rush!

College Sweethearts – Parikshit & Pragati

By the end of the day our bodies were aching all over. I crashed as I soon as I hit the bed. But, this is the most peaceful sleep that I’ve had in months.

Bring on the madness…we are READY!

Picture Courtesy: Manasi Shah

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